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Keeping your teeth white can be a problem for many. Even if you don’t smoke, just about everything you eat and drink can have an effect on the stains on your teeth, and brushing alone isn’t always enough to control it. This is why so many of us are forced to resort to paying expensive dental fees to get our teeth white again.

If you want to save money and get sparkling white teeth then there are other ways to help get your teeth the way you want them to look. There are a number of different manufacturers of teeth whitening kits and here on this website we have reviewed the leading teeth whitening brands that are available online. 

The alarming threat of hydrogen peroxide containing teeth white kits

Beware before it’s too late!

Introduction & background


Do you know that more than 100,000 people in Britain, alone, choose and use various teeth-whitening treatments and kits to whiten their smiles? This high number also testifies the fact that not everyone is aware of the real facts hidden behind the attractive marketing campaigns that are used to promote and sell such kits at any cost.


Quite recently, I came across an alarming article while googling something related with teeth whitening gels. The article was credible, with a direct reference to the EU directive on the selling / trade of all those teeth whitening kits that contain more than 0.1% concentration of hydrogen peroxide.


Upon further exploration, I found out that it was about an amendment or revision to the EU cosmetic regulations in regards to Teeth Whitening products.


This change or amendment simply means that any teeth whitening gels containing more than 0.1% of hydrogen peroxide or equivalent carbonate peroxide are illegal to be sold unless supplied by a dental practitioner and must also include a physical assessment by the dentist.

In simple words, according to the directive it remains illegal to supply or sell products for the purpose of tooth whitening that contain or release more than 0.1% hydrogen peroxide.


Accordingly, I can’t stress enough this fact that any teeth whitening kits containing peroxide gel stronger or more than 0.1% are illegal to be sold or marketed in the UK and you must avoid to use them at all costs. After all, your teeth whitening should not be done at the expense of your health.

The problem

Unfortunately, today, most tooth whitening treatments (from home kits to laser techniques) contain significant quantities of hydrogen peroxide as an essential bleaching or whitening material or substance.


Hydrogen peroxide is used because it acts as a weak acid because of its oxidizing properties. In other words, it acts like a bleaching agent when used in teeth whitening solutions, gels, tooth pasts and creams.


In majority of such products, hydrogen peroxide is present in strength of 3% to 10% with varying degrees of effectiveness. This strength or concentration, however, comes with a number of risks and problems such as:

Health hazards associated with hydrogen peroxide containing dental kits

Damage & tissue injury: Several published studies have shown that more than recommended concentrations of hydrogen peroxide can lead to several damaging effects such as irritation of eyes, skin, and the inside of oral cavity (mouth), stomach, and intestines.  In addition, in few studies performed on rats, it was noted that continuous exposure to hydrogen peroxide led to potentially dangerous effects on body weight, blood & other body organs. +


Carcinogenicity (cancer potential): You will be surprised but it’s true; if used repeatedly and in concentrated form, hydrogen peroxide can actually be quite carcinogenic i.e. a substance with cancer promoting potential. It not only speeds up the growth & multiplication of cancer cells but can also delay their cure or treatment.

Tooth destruction: There have been multiple scientific concerns that hydrogen peroxide not only demineralises teeth or gums but also makes them weaker. Its consistent and long term use can lead to increased risk of bleeding gums, weak teeth & other related oral hygiene problems.

What’s the solution?

Because of these grave risks associated with the use of hydrogen peroxide, you should ideally choose a product that is completely free of hydrogen peroxide traces. However, this is where we come across with two important questions.

Is there any product at all that does not contain hydrogen peroxide?
If yes, then would this product still be effective?

The good news is that yes, there is, indeed, couple great teeth whitening kits available in the UK (and also online) they are not only completely free from hydrogen peroxide but are also as effective (or even more) as any other top-selling teeth whitening gels or brands.


Zero Peroxide Mint Cosmetics Botanical White


These products are “Zero Peroxide teeth whitening kit”, Mint Cosmetics and "Botanical White whittener" all three of these dental whitening systems are completely safe for usage and trade.Because of its fast mode of action (takes only 30 minutes) and immediate results, convenience for easy at-home usage and high safety profile, Zero Peroxide, Mint Cosmetics and Botanical White are three of the best teeth whitening kits available in the market today.


In the greater interest of your oral and general body health, you should go for the quest for a bright smile that is not only effective as you think but is also safe and free from hydrogen peroxide. This is where Zero Peroxide teeth whitening kit comes in.

Again, I can’t stress enough, any teeth whitening kits containing peroxide gel stronger than 0.1% are illegal in the UK. Wherefore Zero Peroxide, Botanical White and Min Cosmetics whiteners are, at the moment, the only alternative to be used from home as it is 100% free from any traces of hydrogen peroxide.

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